We believe that God has placed us in our specific local community for a reason. God desires us to not only be reconciled to Him, but also to each other. We are called to love God with all that we are and to love each other wholeheartedly. Business Insider recently ranked Memphis in the top 20 most racially divided cities in North America. We desire to see God break the chains of racial division by the power of His grace. In the body of Christ, every person is equally and infinitely valued, fearfully and wonderfully made. We embrace the mission of God to make Memphis a city where God’s will is done on earth as it is in heaven, where people from every nation and language will forever praise our God together as the united church.

Leawood’s History

Leawood began as a home church in this neighborhood in 1946. Soon, the Lord provided a way for that group of believers to purchase a building on the corner of Macon and Homer where it has grown and expanded over the years. Tom Brandon was Leawood’s first called Pastor.

Since then, Leawood has always been under the leadership of called staff members – meaning that God had called them to Leawood, and so did the congregations of Leawood!

Over her 60 year history, there have only been nine pastors who have led the church at Leawood:

  • Tom Brandon
  • T.T. Crabtree
  • R.J. Sedbury
  • Jerry Glisson
  • Tommy Vinson
  • Kenny Bruce
  • Greg Love
  • Marc Byrd
  • Floyd Paris

With the desire and vision to be a 21st century church which would reach diverse groups of people, Leawood gave birth to an additional ministry in the fast growing eastern part of Shelby County which has grown into Leawood East Baptist Church. On October 15, 2000, ground breaking services were held. Giving blessings to the second ministry, Leawood still felt led by God to continue the work He has for us in the inner city location of our local neighborhood.

What We Believe

We wholeheartedly believe and support the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.